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Lagu “Our Times Our Feelings” aslinya adalah foto karya Keke Tumbuan di projectnya “The Secret Agents” dgn judul “Our Time Our Feelings” yg lalu ditulis puisinya oleh Uga based on photo tsb.

Our Time Our Feelings by Keke Tumbuan

Our Time Our Feelings by Keke Tumbuan

Lewat video “Our Times Our Feelings” thedyingsirens akan berpartisipasi di Exhibition Project, 25 January 2013 in Seoul. It’s a photo exhibition of #Playplanet Project about Indonesia. Playplanet and its friends who have been participating in this exhibition will be involved in the event and making some collaborations with creative artists from Indonesia (with music, photos and writings).

Lagu “Our Times Our Feelings” sendiri bercerita ttg relationshit yg mengalami ups and downs dan berakhir dgn happy ending (oh to twit! ;p).

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