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After years of waiting for their next album and one year after their single(s), finally Thedyingsirens are back !! (Yeaay)

And as a die hard fans of thedyingsirens, here’s the result from my ear, through my brain

** surprise lyrics in your apple let’s sing along

Thedyingsirens (Split Album)
Our times our feelings

too much blood pump in your veins,
adrenaline rush,
irregular heartbeat,
And people would give the world to someone they love for this feelings.
It’s our feelings, chemistry that we feel, not your time, not my time, but our times, our feelings.
(from Greek- filos, “beloved, loving” and phobos “fear”) : the fear of being in love and falling in love. – Wikipedia
Irregular heartbeat, sweating, shortness of breath, anxiety, and the worst effect is the fear of getting hurt by someone they truly in love with.
Lovely Eyes
Simply in love, don’t you think it’s too beautiful to describe this song ? 🙂
You won’t stop singing this song and bursting smile everytime she pops your mind up 😉

The falls of the idiot

“Time, hope, and faith”
Either time, or hope or the faith that stops us.
Just don’t be idiot 🙂
The Rain Song
Why you have to love the rain?
Have you ever fall in love with the rainy days?
Its too beautiful to feel the rain with someone you adore, share between our hands, how grateful you are.
The greatest feeling in the world,
It’s “the best thing that God have ever send”
Wishing this would never end.

Bye bye
When you feel so tired of waiting and guessing around for someone you’ve loved, it’s time to say goodbye.
Well, this last song from thedyingsirens will reminds you about that feeling.
In a sweet way.
Believe that “happy ending” is only live in fairytale.
Maybe we can say in this reality life;
sweetest goodbye ?

Ellora . (eyora.tumblr.com)


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