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When Pugar Restu Julian, nicknamed Uga (frontman of thedyingsirens), asked me to give testimonial on his band’s new album ‘Our Times Our Feelings,’ I felt overwhelmed and thought it was Uga’s lifetime biggest mistake — I mean, who am I? An underdog journalist living the edge for sometimes in local media industry giving a testimonial? But that’s not the issue. The issue is in how thedyingsirens relives with such optimism they have now. I can share you what I think righteous about the album.

thedyingsirens was formed in 2002 and has released three mini albums, including a split album released in collaboration with Pop Up band a few months ago. Thedyingsirens is now back with new formula on this collective musical project and new personnels, replacing Ramondo Gascaro, Anda Perdana and Yudhi Arfani. Each new individual — namely Gabriel Mayo (Vox), Dhendy Mawardi (Little Space Donkey), Branandi W Madya K (Friday), Pronky Karamoy (former Alien Sick), Olivia Imelda and Stephanie Eka (Bin Harlan’s backing vocals) — enriches the band with various music background in creating eminent and catchy new songs. Thedyingsirens comes with a new album including songs in which the earlier personnels contributed — titled ‘Bye Bye’, ‘Lovely Eyes’ and ‘Our Times Our Feelings’ (which now becomes the album title).

thedyingsirens remains consistent with love themed songs. ‘Our Times Our Feelings’ album consists of featured song ‘Our Times Our Feelings’ and its remixes — cover version and acoustic version — all in all, sweet as chocolate coated wafer. The album also comes with new songs ‘Happiness Is A Hoax’, “Never Was You” and “#99” and remixes of their previous songs “Karma” (in collaboration with Sato Kazama) and “Teman Baikku Mati Bunuh Diri” (Uga’s side percussion-poet project Otak and Chair).

The song “Teman Baikku Mati Bunuh Diri” is recorded live featuring three guitars by Uga, Ichol (Sequoia) and BMPK (The Miskins), bass by Mahadevi Khrisnaphari (Belladonna), keyboard by Tania Ranidhianti (Clover), drums by Christo Putra (Dear Nancy), djembe by Kemal P Ariadi (Otak and Chair), Ichsan Tirtana (Otak and Chair/dzeek) and Hersubkhan Erdien (Otak and Chair/dzeek) in an unusual performance; combining sequential guitar plays and fresh arrangement of the other instruments.

The album delivers new touch of thedyingsirens. We would easily find ourselves falling in love to the song ‘Never Was You’, featuring stellar guitarist Adrian Adioetomo to add soul to the song with his slide guitar playing. The song gives me a nostalgic feeling of love at highschool years — sweet and naive.

What distinguishes the new album from the previous ones would be the romantic chemistry between the band members during one month of production. I could not agree more to their self proclaimed tagline as ‘a collective musical project.’ Each and every personnel contributes in building a fun foundation of a band. Thedyingsirens may not as humongous as Pandai Besi nor as eerie as Pure Saturday nor as tough as White Shoes and The Couples Company, yet they should be considered to be at a level with the other bands. (I suspect they already are.) We just wait and see. In the meantime, please enjoy the sweetest treat from the mythical band thedyingsirens.

*Zaka Sandra Novian

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